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The Spirit of RomanTimes and Our Commandments

Some of the things on this page have been said in other places, both here and on unit websites. We believe in a spirit of comradeship, not one of animosity. In reenacting, you often find units and groups will "talk smack" about other groups — whether it's their authenticity or politics or looks. Sometimes people will look down on those who don't camp or have just the gear that they think they should. Remember that too, there is no "exact" correct item. The Empire that we portray was 2000 years ago. We don't know exactly what they wore or carried — hence the term "experimental archeology". A fact is, most of our kit is probably better-made than some of than a lot of the original kit, while some is less so or not detailed enough. We keep researching and replacing things as we find better. Don't criticize another's kit, tell them how to do it better and offer to help them.

A big part of the problem in hobbies is differences in politics and/or religion. We hope to curb this in RomanTimes. Will we? With you help, we could. I am sorry, but people today can be very cliquey and, as you can see on social media, very much they like to virtue signal. Do we really want that? No one cares what your flavor is or what you believe in — don't try to force it on others. What we want is a belief in authenticity and doing things right. We believe in comradeship and such things — even though they seem to have fallen out of favor in this modern world.

Important things!

There are two things that can really mess up any reenacting organization: Modern Politics and Modern Religion. This sounds a bit harsh maybe, but it's true.

In today' world, the discussion of modern politics will spin right out of control, causing formally fast-friends to become bitter enemies and foes. It will wreak absolute havoc on any group (and friendship) and so... The rule: The discussion of ANY modern polititcs, unless directly related to our hobby is forbidden at RomanTimes events. Just don't do it.

Modern religion, while well-meant, has the same kind of problems and becomes a problem as most people will not believe what you believe. It's a free country, but it's not free for you to impose your beliefs on others. Respect your fellow's beliefs as you would want yours to be respected. The Rule: No discussions of modern religion and certainly, under NO circumstances, will there be ANY proselytizing. None! Discuss the religions back then — there's a lot of material there.

Our Commandments

These commandments were originally written for Legio IX and we believe they will help instill good comradeship and morale in RomanTimes.

  1. Thou shall not engage in actions that harm or embarrass the Group, bring shame to the Group, or let the Group down.
  2. Thou shall respect the rules and wishes of the planners and organizers of all events in which you participate as a member of RomanTimes. If you cannot follow their rules, don't go to their event.
  3. Thou shall not appear in modern garb, or visible modern items, at a RomanTimes event, encampment, or presentation after the official start time of said event.
  4. Thou shall learn all other RomanTimes members' ROMAN/Celt names and use them.
  5. Thou shall not publicly degrade other units or their members in a public setting or forum.
  6. As a member of RomanTimes, you shall always help other Roman reenactors in need if you are able to do so.
  7. At events where you are representing RomanTimes to the public, you shall use the utmost discretion when discussing anything modern in front of the public. For example, when asked about where to buy, or how to make, our kit, you can respond on the modern topic, but lengthy discussions on what sort of modern undergarments you are disguising under your tunic, shall be unwelcome and forbidden.
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