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First caveat: Each member of RomanTimes is a safety officer and responsible for observing safety rules, ensuring they are followed, and stopping action if an unsafe condition exists!

RomanTimes has assembled the following safety regulations which each member will adhere to:

All Roman Times safety regulations must be followed.

Safety in the Field and Events

  1. Watch the tip of yor of your weapon and keep it away from other people's heads and body. Even in Needlefelt combat this is necessary as one may forget who is on his left or right.
  2. If a person is injured during a scenario, yell out “CORPSMAN.” Then stop all action until the individual has received treatment or is removed from the area.
  3. To STOP all action (freeze) yell out "CEASE FIRE."
  4. There are other key words that will be explained to the troops as well.
  5. Persons with medical conditions should notify the Optio. For safety's sake, the person should also carry a medical identification tag to alert first aid people.
  6. Do not drink water from local streams. The water could be contaminated and make you sick as a dog (at which point we will have to taunt you). Stream water can also kill you (at which point we will have a nice Roman military funeral for you!).
  7. If a grass fire occurs during an event, stop the scenario immediately and put out the fire before resuming. Fires can spread very quickly, so be on your toes!!!
  8. All members will adhere strictly the unit's (and hosting site's) weapon safety regulations at all times. Some sites forbid handling of weapons by the public—otherwise, visitors may handle a weapon if the member keeps a hand on it.

NSF Combat Safety

(See Needlefelt page)

Camp Safety

  1. Keep campfires away from tenting areas. Campfires should be placed in fire pits and surrounded by stone. Clear all weeds and grass from area.
  2. Beware of kerosene lanterns and candles in and around tents.
  3. Don't smoke inside the tents. This may sound silly, but most of the repro tents we use are made out of waterproofed canvas and they burn far too easily! If you have a leather tent and smoke in there (or use a Roman lantern), amongst the hay, hopefully we can get the fire put out and save the tent. This really goes if we are at an event that is using hay around the camp area. Hay is even more volatile than gasoline!
  4. Before nightfall, remove all obstructions in the camp area, such as rocks, tree limbs, loose equipment, etc.
  5. Alcoholic beverages are allowed (in period containers only) in camp, after combat ends and are to be consumed only when permitted by the Centurio.
  6. Don't even think of bringing illegal drugs! ‘Nuff said on this!!!

Warm Weather Safety

  1. Wear as light of clothing as possible.
  2. Always carry extra water or liquids (but not soda or beverages with caffeine). Make sure you drink these liquids. If you aren't sweating you should drink some water. Be very careful of heatstroke—do not over exert yourself.
  3. Rest frequently in the shade. Loosen clothing and relax. A good thing about wool uniforms is that if you pour water over them, they will actually be cooler than cotton.
  4. Carry only the equipment necessary. Don't overload yourself with extra, nonessential things.
  5. Eat light while in the field (This is also a good idea, so that you don't have to spend an excessive amount of time at the latrine, sqautting over the pit of fate contemplating life!).

Cold Weather Safety

  1. Wear several layers of clothing, but make sure not to over do it. Too much clothing will result in sweating and chilling of the body.
  2. Carry a change of dry gloves and socks. If you have extra uniform parts, you should bring them.
  3. Carry a scarf and at least one toque to cover your face and ears.
  4. Oil or grease ALL footwear in case of snow or rain, to aid in keeping your feet dry. (Sno-seal is very good for this.)
  5. The Centurio and Optios will keep a close eye on their men. Soldiers MUST not be allowed to wander off from the unit!
  6. In extreme cold conditions, non-period clothing may be worn by members, provided it is worn under approved period clothing and is not visible.  This clause is intended mainly for new members who lack sufficient period clothing for cold-weather survival

Dangerous Situations

If you see someone—from your unit or any other unit—engaged in a serious violation of Roman Times event rules, such as using dangerous or inappropriate weapons, using drugs, etc., report it immediately to your NCOs or Roman Times staff.

A first aid kit of sufficient size and materials to treat minor injuries will be present with the unit, and will be immediately available for use.  It will be contained discreetly in a container made of period materials.

Food Safety

No coolers or ice chests will be permitted in camp.  Perishable foods requiring refrigeration will not be stored in camp, but, if determined to be necessary for the event, are to be stored in vehicles and brought into camp immediately prior to consumption.  If summer conditions are sufficiently hazardous that it is judged necessary to have ice available, the commander will make allowances for its storage, preferably by the host site's personnel and in their facilities.

Other Items

Essential personal effects, such as keys, medication, etc., should be kept in a drawstring bag inside the tunic or pack.  The first aid kit might also be used for storing such items, but ask the commander and be aware of security risks.  Any vital items such as medic alert tags will be worn under the individual's clothing, and the commander will be alerted to the situation.

On Duty

A member will be "on duty" in the camp/display area at all times during public hours, to provide general security over weapons and personal gear.

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