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Units and groups that are part of Roman Times


Legio IX Hispana — (USA, MidLant, PA, MD, VA, WV, GA, FL) — Leg. IX is a group of living historians dedicated to "learning by doing" --  who strive for more than just standing in front of a group talking. Yes, we do sometimes do displays, but our heart is elsewhere. We plan on period marches or "treks " as they're called and encampments. Our hope is to grow more and do more each year.

One thing we DO encourage is FUN, yes fun! Some folks feel that in reenacting that you need to be miserable and to have STRONG DISCIPLINE to do it... we disagree. NONE us wishes to die, nor get sick from bad food, nor have fleas or lice.  Most want a "taste" of Roman times, not being marched til you drop or having your feet caned. We wish to get a feel for wearing the armor, to try out some of the food they ate, to walk a bit in their sandals—we don't wish to get hurt or so sick that we can't go to work on Monday. Remember, this is a hobby!

Part of our purpose is also social and we encourage friendship and comradeship amongst our members. What can be better than doing something that is not only fun, but with your friends? LEGIO IX HISPANA is mostly located in the "MidLant" area of the United States.

LEGIO XXIV MEDIA ATLANTIA — (USA, Philadelphia, PA) — Instituted on the Kalends (1st) of Martius (March) 2751 AUC (1998), Legion XXIV defends the frontiers of Ancient Rome in the Middle Atlantic Provincia of North America. Legion XXIV is intended as reenactment unit to display Roman Army life, dress, battle tactics and atmosphere at Faires, schools or other public functions. The campaigns of the Legion are conducted in PA, NJ, MD, OH, New England and surrounding states, as well as in Ontario Canada. The artillery pool of the Legion includes a small arrow-shooting ballista and an onager casting softballs 300 feet! The dress, weapons and other equipment of the Legion are authentic and historically correct as reasonably possible and have been assembled and/or obtained at our member's own expense.

The Legion's extensive Website has many pages dealing with Weapons, Equipment, History of Rome and its Legions, Gladiatorial Combat and the Colosseum, along with links to reenactment Legions worldwide and Equipment Suppliers!

LEGIO XIII Gemina -- (USA, MidLant NJ, NY, CT, PA) — Legio XIII Gemina of Caesar Augustus is based in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. We have members in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

Legio XIII Gemina strives to represent an authentic body of Roman soldiers and civilians as they would have appeared during the reign of Augustus (27BC - 14AD).

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