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  • John Ebel — Maximus Mercurius Gladius — Summus-Palus (Highest in the Post) and Founder 631-379-3872
  • Albert Barbato — Aulus Scipio Barbatus — Summus-Palus (Highest in the Post) - Co-Founder

Secutor versus Retiarius
"Ave Imperator; Morituri te Salutant!"
Hail Emperor; Those who are about to die Salute Thee!

The Ludus Magnus participants at Eisenhower Park, Long Island, NY Aug 6, 2001
Kneeling Left: Joseph Abbondonelo "Quintus Virilis Lucan" (Retarius, Net & Trident) - Kneeling Right - John Ebel "Maximus Mercurius Gladius" (Lead Gladiator) - Standing Left to Right: Kryn Minor "Cascus Tiberius Rufio Longinus" (Cmndr Leg-VI) - James Matthews "Marcus Minicius Audens" (Leg-XXIV, Lanista-Senator) - Brian Helt "Titus Ausonius Italicus" (Leg-VI) - Mike Catellier "Lupus Britanicus" (Leg-VI, Wolf of Britannia).

Legion XXIV Soldiers, Civilians and Ludus Magnus Gladiators assemble in the Courtyard of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology in Philadelphia on March 16, 2003. Legion XXIV and the Ludus were there to assist the Museum (UPM) with the "Return to Rome" Gala Re-Opening of their Roman, Greek and Etruscan Galleries after a decade long refurbishment and expansion. Click on the photo for more pictures and details.

Ludus Magnus in the Great Arena

"Maximus" displays his line-up of veteran and neophyte "tyro" gladiators in the entrance courtyard of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology in Philadelphia, on March 16, 2003. The Ludus Magnus staged seven gladiatorial engagements in conjunction with the public opening of the Museum's New Etruscan and Roman Galleries. Some 3000 observed the "Ludus" in action during the day.

Maximus Gladius, "Palus Primus" (lead gladiator) demonstrates a sword thrust to the "Palus"(practice) post; as Lupus Britanicus (Wolf of Britannia), at right; and Titus Italicus, Gallio Marsallas and "Procuratore" Marcus Audens look on.

A model of the Colosseum as it appeared in ancient times. The Colossus of Nero is just beyond the shadow edge toward the upper left. The Arch of Constantine is at the far left and the tapered column behind it is a water fountain known as the Sweating Pillar. The Ludus Magnus Gladiatorial School is at the middle far right. Nero's "Golden House" palace fills the upper right corner
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