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Author Topic: Footwear  (Read 1873 times)

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« on: June 14, 2015, 10:46:33 AM »
I met with Gagan and Sam from Deepeeka this last Wednesday... These guys are great and really want to make their line of products better. It was a very very productive meeting and we covered a lot, but one great thing, I showed Gagan some photos of existing real Roman caligae and he saw what I meant about the narrow straps. I also showed him Lee Holeva's online patterns (the best ones online) , so it looks like they will be making a new, better  pattern and I was asking for an un-hobnailed version so that we could nail them ourselves.

I was also asking for their belt parts separate (especially, the Tekeje belt which is THE best Roman belt being offered right now) and for them to make bigger sizes for those who require a more generous girth than a 36" (most reenactors). Anyway, look for that.

I also got to fondle their new Leeuwen dagger. 1000x better than the old one (better than any repro). And Gagan is going to tweak it some more. Marcus and I are supposed to possibly meet them again this next Tuesday.  O-p Let us hope it happens--waiting on Marcvs.  <^> If you have some things to pass on, please let me know.
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