Events Calendar

October 2020
Oct 29: Ludi Victoriae Sullae
Oct 30: Ludi Victoriae Sullae
Oct 31: Ludi Victoriae Sullae
Nov 1: Ludi Victoriae Sullae
Nov 4: Ludi Plebeian
Nov 5: Ludi Plebeian
Nov 6: Ludi Plebeian
Nov 7: Ludi Plebeian
Nov 8: Ludi Plebeian
Nov 9: Ludi Plebeian
Nov 10: Ludi Plebeian
Nov 11: Veterans Day
Nov 11: Ludi Plebeian
Nov 12: Ludi Plebeian
Nov 13: Ides of November
Nov 13: Ludi Plebeian



*The membership application will be posted soon, but feel free to join our site here. Please bear with us as we continue to develop our webpage. Thanks.

Membership in Roman Times is open to anyone, regardless of race, creed, religion, sex or national origin. Following are some guidelines for membership:

The individual may join as either:

  • A sanctioned combatant (Roman milites or Celt Warrior)
  • Gladiator
  • Non-combatant (Roman or Celtic civilian) member portraying or interpreting a typical person who lived in Britain from 60 to 70 AD during the Roman Empire. The sole purpose of non-combatants is to represent civilian citizens and non-citizens of ancient Rome.

Members participating in events must be involved in appropriate roles (gladiators, merchants, etc), which may include women and children.

All Impressions must be historically accurate and gender appropriate, i.e. women cannot portray men, men cannot portray women, children cannot portray Roman soldiers, etc.

Individuals shall pass an authenticity inspection for the impression they portray. Failing the authenticity inspection will result in not being allowed to participate until the deficiency is corrected.

The individual shall agree to abide by the bylaws, policies and regulations of ROMAN TIMES , as well as, comply with the ROMAN TIMES Safety Regulations, and pay event fees and dues each year as established by the Roman Times.

The individual shall not be a member of any organization which promotes the violent overthrow of the United States Government or constitution.

The individual shall agree to hold the officers of the ROMAN TIMES or property owner, where an event is held, as non-liable individually, or as a part of ROMAN TIMES, for any damage to person or property which may occur during an event. Safety is the responsibility of the individual.

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