Events Calendar

July 2020
Jul 15: decimvs(56)
Jul 8: Ludi Appollinares
Jul 9: Ludi Appollinares
Jul 10: Ludi Appollinares
Jul 11: Ludi Appollinares
Jul 12: Ludi Appollinares
Jul 12: Birth of Gaius Julius Caesar
Jul 13: Ludi Appollinares
Jul 15: Ides of Iulius (Quinctilis)
Jul 19: Lucaria
Jul 20: Lucaria
Jul 21: Lucaria
Jul 23: Neptunalia


Who Are We?

5241uid31romancampWe (RomanTimes) are a soon-to-be non-profit organization and a group of knowledgeable individuals dedicated to the preservation and respect for ancient Roman civilization in Britain from 60-70 AD. Out attempt is to recreate the occupation and attempted pacification of native tribes and, eventually, Romanize them. Some have accepted our endeavor; while others continue to resist.

Imagine the feeling of actually "being there." Not just dressed up, not
"presenting" a display for visitors, but the ability to step back into the time period for a small amount of time and live (as close as possible) like they did then. It's not easy, but it is rewarding.


Our current project is to establish a Castra/Fort in Maryland modeled after original ancient Roman forts excavated in Britain. In addition, we also will be building a small Celtic village near the fort. Our goal is to begin holding immersion events for our members and eventually opening some events to the public, offering school interactive tours and opportunities for immersion activities for the public as well.

We will consider adding more to our calendar and expand other opportunities for "interactive history" as our organization evolves. Our desire is to create an "active" atmosphere that promotes and allows learning about ancient Roman culture to be interesting and fun.

You are invited to be a part of this exciting concept and join us as we embark on this adventure to rediscover ancient Roman. Join us if you are interested.

Please visit us from time to time as we will document our progress as we develop both our event site and website.
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