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Shields: The primary defensive equipment of the Celt was the shield. These were normally just over a meter tall, constructed of wood reinforced with metal, and shaped in either an oval or an oval flattened at the top and the bottom.

Helmets: Helmets were expensive to produce and it is thought that only the wealthier warriors would have owned them. Styles varied immensely from a simple conical metal cap, to a cap with heavy cheek guards and stylized metal ornamentation displayed on the top.

Armor: Body armor was very rare among the Celts. However, the wealthiest warriors and chiefs probably wore some kind of scale or chainmail shirt.

Nudity: In many classical depictions, Celtic warriors are naked. This has lead to a lot of debate among scholars. Current theory is that these men were part of special mercenary units that used nudity to identify their status.

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