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I'm putting this link here to be saved for later.
A few pictures of the Durisdeer forlet. I'm not sure if there's any evidence of a tower incorporated in the fort or near it.
Yes, the project is still in development. Further updates will be released in the future.
Is this project still ongoing? I haven't heard much talk about it.
Watchtowers on the Gask Frontier in Scotland were also closely associated in a few cases with "fortlets," i.e. small ditch-and-rampart earthworks of the size and shape to accommodate a century-sized camp of 10 contubernia tents — or a centurion's tent and 8 contubernia tents.

The first illustration below shows a tower (turris) incorporated as the camp gate of a fortlet; the second shows a tower located about 40 feet from a fortlet:
In the post above, the first tower is an older conception based on evidence that was available in 1996. Much research has been done since then; the second illustration may more accurately represent the size of the earth ramparts. Both single ditch and double ditch encloseures have been found on the Gask Frontier.
Roman Times and Legio IX started the Castra and Turris projects with the belief that firm archaeological evidence for timber watchtowers, and small earthwork-and-timber forts dating to the 1st Century AD in Britain would be found. The frontier system of the German Limes was well known, along with the towers and small forts were an integral feature of Hadrian's Wall (which was partly or wholly built in timber and earthworks before sections were replaced with stone structures).

Our research has confirmed that towers, and fortlets just large enough for one or two centuries of infantry, were in fact built in Northern Britain between AD 79 and 84. The system these and larger forts made up, called the Gask Frontier, pre-date the German Limes by at least 20 years, and may be the model on which it was designed. As such, the Gask Frontier represents the Roman Empire's first attempt at military frontier fortification. It is also highly likely that Legio IX either built or occupied part of the Gask Frontier.

Attached below are artist's impressions of standalone Gask Frontier towers:
Castra Talk / Re: Needlefelt Training
« Last post by decimvs on November 30, 2015, 06:18:49 PM »
I've been looking at some of the info online about NFS and also, after talking to Mark, I think we are well on our way. For the record, I have a heavy-duty industrial sewing machine if someone could show me how to use it. It would speed sewing the swords together, I think. 8)
Events / Military Through the Ages
« Last post by decimvs on November 15, 2015, 02:49:31 PM »
This is THE PREMIERE Living History event on the East Coast. Legio IX is honored to participate in MTA! Max turnout event please.

We arrive on Friday for set up (set up is not allowed on Saturday)

“Military Through the Ages” returns to Jamestown Settlement on March 19-20, 2016, when reenactors depicting soldiers throughout history come together for Jamestown Settlement’s time-honored “Military Through the Ages.”

This chronological display of military history has been held each year at Jamestown Settlement since 1984. This year’s timeline event featured depictions from 64 A.D. through modern times.

In the course of one weekend – from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday – visitors experience the past and present as reenactors show how uniforms, weapons and military tactics evolved throughout the centuries. The event also showcases a variety of military vehicles and equipment. Visitors interact with reenactors to learn how soldiers throughout time dressed and armed themselves, as well as how they were fed and housed in times of war.

Reenactors portray soldiers and military encounters from Roman times, the medieval period, Hundred Years’ War, War of the Roses, French and Indian War, American Revolution, War of 1812, and American Civil War. Reenactors depicting World Wars I and II, the Vietnam War and the Falklands War take visitors through the 20th century. The Virginia Army National Guard represents the present.

Here is the MTA Website
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