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5241uidCelts_Warriors01_fullWhat is this website about? Well, it's about reenacting Celtic and Germanic enemies of Rome in the 1st and 2nd Centuries AD. An by "reenact" we don't mean in the "stand around and talk to people" kind of way (although you can do that if you wish). No, this site is about helping folks get outfitted to participate in the Needlefelt Combat Sytem (NFS).

What is NFS? Well, it's a system of safe, but realistically usable weapons, where groups can have combat reenactments with full speed fighting, but without danger of injury or death. Weapons are made of a stiff felt (reinforced w/ carbon kite spars) that is assembled to be completely safe. Yes, you have to wear some protections, such as eye protection and a cup. However, this is NOT like the SCA with inauthentic armor, materials or a "close enough" attitude (and no, we're not busting on the SCA here--to each their own--it's just not what WE do). We wear REAL, authentic armor and clothing. We do this so that we may perform living history events and actually sometimes get the feeling of "being there."

Starting Off

"Where do I start?" you're asking... Fair enough. First, you need to build a kit, which is, happily, much simpler and much less expensive than for the Romans we fight. Check out our pages on that. What we have here is a start, the clothing and weapons pages originally coming from Brigantia in the UK (with their kind permission). Give it all a look and perhaps you'll be ready to join us.

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